10 Delicious Ground Beef Recipes That Are Anything But Ordinary
They call for simple ground beef - but end in mouthwatering, unique meals.
William Maldonado

It doesn’t take years of culinary school and a kitchen full of exotic ingredients to make amazing meals. Sometimes you just have to think about your old recipes and ingredients in exciting new ways. These recipes are going to be a sure fire hit with your friends and family, who might just wonder if you’ve been moonlighting in a fancy kitchen.

Grab your pad and pens and get ready to take some notes on these incredible 10 ground beef recipes.


We’ll cover some of the best recipes we’ve found online. Many of these come from ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry and fridge. So cut down the meal prep, because here we go!

1) Mashed Potato Beef Pie

Dinner for one: meatloaf pie, baked in a springform pan, topped with mashed golden potatoes and beef gravy. Ketchup, because of course ketchup.

Posted by Lift Big Eat Big on Monday, May 23, 2016

We love mashed potatoes and beef and pies are always fun. So this recipe combines three of our favorite things. All you need is a springform pan. Make a bowl of mashed potatoes inside the pan, fill it with ground beef, cheese, and your choice of additions, then throw it in. Get all the details on this recipe here.

2) Super Nachos

#SUPERBOWL Recipe – Rachel’s Super Nachos >

Rachael Ray’s Super Nachos: a great snack or meal,…

Posted by Gellibrands Dry Cleaning on Saturday, February 3, 2018

They don’t call these nachos, “Super” for nothing. Just look at this fully loaded creation! This dish is a whole meal topped with lots of ground beef. Get the recipe here.

3) Quick Spicy Chili


Posted by The Mixing Bowl on Monday, October 26, 2020

This one is super easy. It just requires beef, beer, and chipotle. A great tasting simple meal, perfect for cold winter nights. Learn how to make this dish here.

4) Moroccan Meatball Soup

Meatball plus soup, why not? Try this Moroccan Meatball Soup recipe 😋

1. Pulse 1 cup cilantro with the scallions in a…

Posted by The Halal Box on Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Everyone knows that burger meat is the perfect warm weather meat. But did you know about this recipe? It’s filling, served warm, and will keep you nice and toasty on even the chilliest or breeziest of days. Get the recipe here.

5) Lasagna Meatloaf

We bet at least one orange cartoon cat would love this recipe. But all jokes aside, it’s the perfect choice if you’re craving lasagna and meatloaf and can’t decide on just one. Just look at how tasty that cheese top layer looks! Learn how to make it here.

6) Meatball Wrapped Spaghetti

Have you been looking for a new way to prep spaghetti? Then try this fun and simple recipe. It’s a fun way to get creative with Sunday’s pasta dinner. As you can guess, you just wrap seasoned ground beef around a bunch of dry spaghetti. Then cook it in a casserole dish with tomato sauce and cheese. Find the recipe here.

7) Garlic Cauliflower Meatloaf Braid


If you love garlic, then this recipe has everything you could want. It’s got garlic, cheese, meat, and an amazing flaky crust. You can’t go wrong with serving this. You can find the recipe here.

8) Bacon Armadillo Eggs

Bacon Wrapped Smoked Armadillo Eggs

Posted by Meatopia on Thursday, January 16, 2020

Don’t worry, these aren’t real armadillo eggs. It’s ordinary egg-filled peppers wrapped in meat and bacon. It’s a neat little meat wrap that your guests and family is sure to love.

9) Ground Beef Molehill


We won’t blame you for making a mountain about this molehill. It’s a reversed mashed potato beef pie that is like a seasoned meatloaf stuffed with mashed potatoes, bacon, and cheese. Bread crumbs and veggies give it a tasty crunch as a covering. You’ll find the details on this dish here.

10) Meat and Potato Casserole


If you’re looking for a lighter meat dish, then check this one out. It’s not as heavy as most casseroles and is the perfect blend of potatoes and beef. It uses sliced potatoes topped with seasoned ground beef, which is then topped with créme fraîche. Delicious!

If you still want other ideas for tasty beef dishes, check out the video below.

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By William Maldonado
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