15 Clever Crochet Tricks That Will Completely Change The Game

January 12th, 2019

When it comes to handcrafts, a lot of people get nervous. They feel like they can’t possibly learn a skill like that and make awesome items all on their own. But the amazing thing is, learning to do something like knitting or crocheting is actually much easier than you think. All you need is a couple of easy tips and some dedication. With these, you’ll be a crochet master in no time.

Have you ever seen some of the breathtaking things that people make out of nothing but yarn and a couple of hooks? They have skills that they’ve practiced for a long time. But more than that, they’re projects that take tons of creativity and mean so much more because they took time, practice, and effort. So, the next time you feel too nervous to learn a new skill, think about how much it will pay off when looking at something you made on your own!

These 15 amazing crochet tricks are a great place to get started. With them, you’ll impress everyone with your amazing skills. What’s more, you’ll have a great new hobby to enjoy. It’s the perfect way to spend your next rainy Saturday.

1. Start off projects in the round with a “magic ring.”

Some people struggle with the usual slip stitch used for most of the project in the round. Others don’t like the look of having a hole left in the center or a dangling tail of yarn on their project. The magic ring lets you completely close the hole so your crocheted item looks clean and tidy. It also improves the fit of objects like hats, which just means they’ll feel and look better!

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2. Smooth out your start with a foundation starting chain.

Starting off a crochet project can be tricky. The first row is often too tight, which makes it a struggle to pull needles through. What’s more, if it’s tighter than the rest of the project, it will create a squeezed, unbalanced look. The best remedy for this? Learn to do a simple foundation chain, which is an easy solution to both these issues. This trick combines the first two rows together to add some slack. It will reduce the struggle of fighting tight yarn and make your project look smooth and even.

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3. Take the fuss out of making blankets by joining as you go.

A homemade crocheted blanket is a precious thing to have, and it makes a meaningful gift for any occasion. However, it’s a lot of work, especially when it comes to weaving in ends — that is, attaching all the squares together to form the entire blanket. Many people dislike this part and find it incredibly frustrating. The simple solution is to learn the joining and weaving or ‘join as you go’ method, which takes a whole step out of the equation and makes blanket-weaving much simpler.

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4. Level up to post stitches for more expert crocheting.

As you get better and better at crochet, you may eventually be able to advance to post stitches. These refined stitches are worked with posts instead of loops. They open the door for tons of new crochet techniques that just aren’t possible with basic stitches, such as cabling, basket weave, and more. They’re also a great way to create bulky items since they’re a prime method of adding texture to your projects.

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5. Create intricate designs with surface crochet techniques.

Surface crochet is an incredibly simple technique that makes tons of new elements possible. It’s an alternative type of stitch used for designs similar to embroidery. Surface crochet makes it possible to add a lot of variation to your projects, including designs, colors, and even text. Once you learn this easy stitch, there are endless possibilities for how to use it to turn your projects into works of art.

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6. Turn crochet into sculpture with hyperbolic crochet techniques.

Hyperbolic crochet is almost like a mathematical formula, but not so difficult to understand! Simply put, it’s a way to create hyperbolic growth in your projects so that you build on top of them. It’s an amazing technique to make crochet sculptures, which can be used in tons of different ways. You can use hyperbolic crochet to make artistic items like dolls or animals or even to make functional items like bath scrubs. If you’re more a traditionalist, use the technique to add a ruffle element to your projects.

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Knit and Crochet Daily Source: Knit and Crochet Daily

7. Improve texture and color combinations with multi-strand crocheting.

Most crochet instructions will tell you to start with a single loop of yarn. But why not think outside of the box? Using two or even more strands will add amazing layers of color and texture to your project. There’s nothing special you have to do or even really anything you have to change. Just loop two or three (or more) strands where you would normally loop one. Not only does it look unique and beautiful, but it’s also an effective way to add weight to projects made with thin yarn.

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Red Heart Yarn Source: Red Heart Yarn

8. Make beautiful crochet sculptures with Amigurumi techniques.

All you need to know to make amazing 3D Amigurumi shapes are basic crochet stitches and how to work in the round. It’s that simple. These techniques can be used to make sculptures, toys, stuffed animals, or any 3D project you want. As easy as it is, it’s one of those techniques that you’ll be able to add to as you continue to practice and get better at it. You’ll learn new ways to challenge yourself and make even more beautiful projects.

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9. Learn different looping methods to add texture to projects.

Usually, when you crochet, you go through both loops of each stitch. But that’s not the only way to go. By going through one, you can make endless kinds of patterns, including ribbing and other designs. You can choose either the first loop or the second depending on what texture you’re looking for in your project. It’s another simple way to take your crocheting up a notch and add some more complexity to your projects in an easy and beautiful way.

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10. Be open to using new tools whenever you can.

One awesome thing about crocheting is it doesn’t take any complex tools, just a crochet hook and your yarn of choice. That doesn’t mean there aren’t other tools you can use to make your projects even more beautiful and complex. Whenever you get the opportunity, learn about new tools and how to use them to add new elements to your crocheting.

11. Make your projects sparkle by learning to bead crochet.

Bead crocheting techniques may look complicated, but they’re actually very easy to learn. It’s simply a way to weave beads into your project as you crochet. Bead crocheting is a wonderful technique for scarves, hats, and other fashion accessories. There’s no need to learn any complex techniques, just basic single crochet stitches and how to secure beads in place with a slipknot.

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Art Beads Source: Art Beads

12. Map the way for countless projects by learning granny squares.

Knowing how to make granny squares is an absolute must when it comes to crocheting. Why? Because they’re the foundation for countless other types of projects. All it takes is using double crochet stitches in the round. Granny squares are the basis for classic projects like blankets, so they’re an extremely important skill to know. Thankfully, they’re super easy to learn, and there are endless ways to personalize them through color combinations and more.

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All Free Crochet Afghan Patterns Source: All Free Crochet Afghan Patterns

13. Take your skills up a notch with Tunisian crochet.

Tunisian crochet is a beautiful technique that involves using a crochet hook that ends in a stopper. You’ll need to get a special hook to do it. Some people say that Tunisian crochet is half crochet, half knitting since it has elements of both techniques. It’s an amazing way to make a wide range of projects from lace to thick blankets.

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Purl Soho Source: Purl Soho

14. Make delicate, simple projects with hairpin lace.

There’s no end to the different kinds of projects you can create with crochet. Hairpin lace is amazing for making things like delicate wraps, and it’s absolutely beautiful. You’ll need regular crochet hooks in addition to a new tool called an adjustable hairpin lace loom. Though you may need some time to learn how to work your way around the loom, you only need basic crochet skills to make this lace.

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15. Make projects like blankets easy with corner-to-corner techniques.

The name of this technique is fairly self-explanatory. You start the project in one corner and end at the opposite corner. It’s a great way to work on intricately-designed projects since it’s extremely oriented to a grid (which is perfect for crochet!). It also takes some of the pressure off your arms for large projects like blankets!

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