Expert DIYer Shares 15 Brilliant Cleaning Hacks To Cut Your Spring Cleaning Time In Half

May 15th, 2018

Spring is here. For most of us, that means doing some serious spring cleaning. Unfortunately cleaning is a task that can take FOREVER. It is not fun a fun activity, but it is essential to living in a healthy home. If you are getting ready to get your clean on, check out these 15 hacks that will speed up your spring cleaning.

1. Lazy Susan

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DIY Home Sweet Home Source: DIY Home Sweet Home

No one likes to clean up sticky spills. Add a lazy Susan to each shelf of your fridge. You will cut down on spillage, which means less cleaning time.

2. Sanitize Your Sponge

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Good Housekeeping Source: Good Housekeeping

Your sponge can actually get pretty disgusting. It keep remnants of old food on it from washing dirty dishes. You can disinfect your sponge using bleach – just make sure to rinse it well.

3. Clean Your Garbage Disposal

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Connor Plumbing Source: Connor Plumbing

This is another area that can get pretty gross. The garbage disposal traps lots of old food, so it can quickly become a growing ground for unwanted bacteria. To clean your garbage disposal, run a lemon, some salt, and a few pieces of ice through it.

4. Set A Timer

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The Telegraph Source: The Telegraph

You will feel much more motivated to clean quickly if you time yourself. You will probably stay more focused, too. Knowing how long each area takes to clean will help you come up with a solid cleaning schedule.

5. Wax The Stove

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Wonder How To Source: Wonder How To

Once you clean your stovetop, give it a good wax. Apply a thin layer of car wax, then use a clean towel to buff it. Your stove will look way better.

6. Polish Stainless Steel

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Rodale's Organic Life Source: Rodale's Organic Life

Remove hard water stains and rust from stainless steel with ease. Cut a lemon in half and rub it over any area you wish to polish. You will love the citrus scent the lemon leaves behind.

7. Heat Treat The Microwave

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EMT Cleaning Services Source: EMT Cleaning Services

Make old food stains easier to remove by steaming them. Mix together 2 cups of water, 2 tablespoons of white vinegar, and a few drops of essential oil into a microwave safe bowl. Heat it up for 5 minutes, and you’re ready to do some scrubbing.

8. Keep It Organized

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HouseLogic Source: HouseLogic

The house is WAY easier to clean when it is organized. Make use of the hall closet so your home doesn’t get cluttered. You will feel much more at ease when everything is in its place.

9. Wash The Windows

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Bob Vila Source: Bob Vila

Wait until a cloudy day to wash the windows. Since it won’t be as hot out, the windows won’t dry as quickly. This means no more streaks!

10. Do Some Dusting

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One Crazy House Source: One Crazy House

Use fabric softener sheets to dust around your home. They are great at picking up all the tiny particles of dust that get left behind by other methods. Dryer sheets will work, too.

11. Toss Out Your Toiletries

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Main Stream Digest Source: Main Stream Digest

Check your medicine cabinet and toss out your expired toiletries. If it’s no good, what use is there in hanging onto it? Getting rid of the expired goods will make room for more useful objects.

12. Remove Water Rings

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Good Housekeeping Source: Good Housekeeping

You can use a hair dryer to get rid of ugly water rings. Simply aim the dryer at the area and turn it on high. The rings should come right out.

13. Clean The Dishwasher

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Ikea Source: Ikea

It is a good idea to clean your dishwasher periodically. If your dishwasher is dirty, your dishes will be, too. Place a cup of vinegar on the top shelf and run your dishwasher on high heat. Next sprinkle a cup of baking soda on the bottom and run it on high again. The second time you can opt for a shorter cycle.

14. Wipe Screens Clean

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MakeSpace Source: MakeSpace

Coffee filters are ideal for cleaning TV and computer screens. The fiber is gentle enough to clean the screen without damaging it. Just be sure to use a light touch.

15. Clean Your Carpet

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Tipsted Source: Tipsted

If you have a pet that sheds, you know how hard it is to get hair out of the carpet. Use a window squeegee to scrape the hair up. Then it’s time to run the vacuum.

You can really speed up your spring cleaning using these tips. Then you will have time for something you really enjoy. Go ahead, get your clean on.

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Source: Mental Floss