50+ stunning stories that sum up why "beggars can't be choosers"

April 14th, 2019

NOTE: Before you read ahead, please be aware that the majority of these posts contain profanity and other strong language or offensive phrases.

We say “beggars can’t be choosers” when someone has limited options but for some reason tries to ask for more. While it usually doesn’t hurt to ask if you can get a better deal, for example, sometimes people really don’t know when to stop pressing their luck.

The subreddit “Choosing Beggars” (or r/ChoosingBeggars) is dedicated to “posting screenshots, pictures, or stories of people who are being way too picky when it comes to who they beg for a relationship or any other matter” and it is full of examples of behavior that will blow your mind.

These 55 people think they should get things for free, feel entitled to people’s time and energy, and are just generally clueless when it comes to social norms. We simply can’t believe some of these people are for real when they make their requests or get called out on their behavior!

Read ahead for the top CBs (Choosing Beggars) of all time.

1. Mother of the year

This one is worth a long scroll just to see how entitled some people can be – truly mindblowing.

The poster explained: “I teach swimming to kids for free even though I was offered money. Mombie demands that I have to teach her son exclusively. And to give her the money offered as I don’t need it.”

She really tops her own bad behavior when she offers to dump her kid in the pool and leave his well-being up to the swim instructor.

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pretent_its_witty via reddit Source: pretent_its_witty via reddit

2. But I told my kids they could have your stuff

This Redditor introduced the story by saying: “I tried to give away two harnesses that no longer fit my dog. Did not go well.”

A choosy beggar not only demanded to have them despite not being the first to contact them but also got mad when they couldn’t be hand delivered.

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littlebossman via reddit Source: littlebossman via reddit

3. Let me keep stealing your Netflix

This one is titled “Friend of my Ex has been using my Netflix details without my knowledge for years. Calls me cheap!”

It’s not uncommon to share a Netflix account, but it’s pretty insane to assume someone you don’t know will keep paying for your entertainment. Be careful who you share those passwords with!

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The_Duff via reddit Source: The_Duff via reddit

4. Put me through to customer service

If people are going to demand a discount for no reason and feel entitled to different rules than everyone else, you might as well have a little fun with them, especially if they think you’re a chatbot!

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omegaweapon via reddit Source: omegaweapon via reddit

5. Free meal not good enough

Whoever posted this photo got p’wned by their own community for assuming their date was poor (or cheap) for saving money on a meal. Someone helpfully pointed out that if you’re getting a free meal…you guessed it – beggars can’t be choosers.

After all, can’t you spring for your own drink if you need one that bad?

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Epix4 via reddit Source: Epix4 via reddit

6. But you got free ice cream

This parent failed to grasp the concept of paid childcare or meeting their financial obligations.

Does 8 hours of babysitting really sound like something you can compensate with ice cream, especially after you promised cash? We’re just glad this babysitter kept the original texts!

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VortexThing via reddit Source: VortexThing via reddit

7. It takes 2 weeks

Sometimes custom work takes two weeks, no matter how many times you threaten someone. We have to admit the end result felt like some serious karmic justice.

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via Imgur Source: via Imgur

8. You ruined Christmas

Something tells us this woman was going to find a way to ruin her own Christmas no matter what. We have no doubt that being a single mother around the holidays is incredibly difficult and there’s nothing wrong with asking for a deal, but it’s a step too far to demand to get your way.

This Redditor explained that they were “Selling a used iMac for 1200$, woman asks “how low” I would sell it for, or if I’d take 800 and some jewelry she makes.” It didn’t go well.

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Vindictive_Barista via reddit Source: Vindictive_Barista via reddit

9. You don’t need the money

The cluelessness is impressive here. Not only does this potential customer really start off on the wrong foot with a crafter, but then he demands that his custom craft project cost the same amount as an item from Walmart. To top it off, he thinks he shouldn’t have to pay for labor and deserves a “friends and family” discount after being such a jerk.

Do you think these people have someone gotten their way in the past?

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krafty_katt via reddit Source: krafty_katt via reddit

10. I will not pay for material

This fine gentleman believes that a complete stranger should undertake a large project for him, just because. And to top it off, he gets mad when the recipient refuses to steal materials from work in order to do it.

What goes through these people’s minds when they make such a request?!

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mizeat_wizad via reddit Source: mizeat_wizad via reddit

11. Teens should work for free

I don’t think working for this person is going to teach teens the professional or life skills they need to get by. Just a hunch.

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HeavenlyPoopPoster via reddit Source: HeavenlyPoopPoster via reddit

12. Financial Aid for a KitchenAid

Apparently, if you’re selling something, you’re obligated to respond to inquiries about it 24/7, or at least that’s what this potential buyer believes.

But that’s not even the worst part…

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Zavarakatranemi via reddit Source: Zavarakatranemi via reddit

13. Just let me use yours

Apparently, this so-called friend is the only person on Earth with bills to pay. So instead of just creating another free e-mail address for a free Hulu trial, they want access to someone else’s account.

Note: That’s not what friends are for.

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BlindKracken via reddit Source: BlindKracken via reddit

14. Deliver it to me ASAP

This person thinks that if they just keep repeating the price they want to pay (instead of the fair price), they’ll get what they want.

The best part is that they really seem to think they got the upper hand here. We wonder how hard they were seething for that whole hour they waited for the delivery.

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RebelRoad Source: RebelRoad

15. This groomer is definitely prepared

We can only imagine how many questions you have to get about your prices before you have to laminate an explanation for your customers who think dog grooming should cost the same or less than a human hair cut. We really hope you’re not demanding as much from your hairdresser!

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MishMashed_ via reddit Source: MishMashed_ via reddit

16. She doesn’t like the arrangement…of someone else’s flowers

The workplace can be a goldmine for stories about selfish and entitled behavior, but this really takes the cake.

If you want to pretend someone else’s gifts are yours for the sake of social media, it’s best not to destroy them while you’re at it. We can only hope HR heard about this one.

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fawksinsawks via reddit Source: fawksinsawks via reddit

17. Son cheats, she blames the seller

Well, what can we say? It’s best when terrible people leave a paper trail.

Do we even want to know how this one ended?

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MetalM1ke via reddit Source: MetalM1ke via reddit

18. I need a free 100-mile bus trip for 20 people

We’re a little concerned that the saintly person at the bottom of this message is so nice that this poster might think they can continue to get away with this kind of behavior.

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Euthy via reddit Source: Euthy via reddit

19. Guy hacks PS4 account and would like more free games

It’s one thing to break into someone’s gaming account, but it’s next level to even try to ask them for more free service after they change their password. Shouldn’t you just be glad you didn’t get caught and punished?

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cerebralspinaldruid via reddit Source: cerebralspinaldruid via reddit

20. Thanks for wasting my time

We suppose there’s no harm in asking for a bargain, but we think this hopeful buyer wasted their own time offering $150 for a $400 item.

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XXXodiac via reddit Source: XXXodiac via reddit

21. Give me better free stuff

When the universe (or a local restaurant) offers you free beer, just be happy with your free beer (or else pay up for something better).

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Damnit Dogan via reddit Source: Damnit Dogan via reddit

22. Boss disappointed that employees only work during work hours

One suggestion would be to appreciate that your employees are good, stop expecting them to live and breathe their jobs on their off hours, respect them as humans, and understand that they have lives and families.

But we’re curious to know what those other 100+ Quora answers were.

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Kevin4shi via reddit Source: Kevin4shi via reddit

23. Ruining Christmas by not committing fraud

Apparently, telling people they ruined Christmas is a favorite manipulation tactic of the choosy beggar.

This person also seems delusional enough to think that someone would lie about official health certification so they could have a job they weren’t qualified for. That’s not exactly helping people.

The poster explained: “I’m a nursing manager at a healthcare organization. A former acquaintance I haven’t talked to in years reached out in response to my post about looking for help for a CNA/MA position, and then I ruined her Christmas.”

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paradoxicalmind_420 via reddit Source: paradoxicalmind_420 via reddit

24. Need a free ride, but only from the pretty one

Wow. Well, apparently you don’t need to get to work that bad if you’re begging for a ride but turn one down from someone who is the less hot friend in their profile photo.

Next time take a cab.

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crookedlizzie via reddit Source: crookedlizzie via reddit

25. I have cash, so I should get to pay less than half the asking price

This message should have just said “please allow me to waste your time.”

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Spuffdozer via reddit Source: Spuffdozer via reddit

26. If you don’t need it, give it to me for free

The best part is that when asked for three valid reasons, he still only gives one. Way to lowball your way through life!

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mystifier7 via reddit Source: mystifier7 via reddit

27. Demanding an “inconvenience fee” when you’re the inconvenience

Needless to say, no one is getting back their money plus an “inconvenience fee” – we’d all have some extra money in our pockets if those existed.

There’s also a much more civil way to ask for a different tattoo artist if that’s what you really want.

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to_the_tenth_power via reddit Source: to_the_tenth_power via reddit

28. Sell me this truck but keep making payments on it

Sometimes people seem so clueless you have to wonder if the conversation is even real.

This is one of those cases.

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r/ChoosingBeggars via reddit Source: r/ChoosingBeggars via reddit

29. Thanks for the gift, but it’s not worth enough

Ah, yes, the real spirit of Christmas – adding up the value of gifts and demanding more. And to top it off, this gift recipient not only demands a more expensive gift, they ask for cash, and then get hostile.

Do you think they’ll be colleagues much longer?

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via Imgur Source: via Imgur

30. Please write for free on the trouble with unpaid work

The classic “write it for the exposure” technique in action. Clearly, the editor didn’t take a close look at the content they were asking someone to give them for free.

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via reddit Source: via reddit

31. They persisted on being fair

Yes, how dare they not give you different rent than everyone else just because that’s what you want. How rude!

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NibbatoPrime via reddit Source: NibbatoPrime via reddit

32. $20 and larger only

We’re kind of curious if this guy really makes money this way. After seeing the behavior people put up with in previous posts, we’re guessing that some still stop and donate.

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via reddit Source: via reddit

33. The customer is not always right

We’re sure it was a stressful situation, but your misunderstanding can’t be blamed on someone else – especially when you order 60 sushi rolls!

And did she leave her kids there as collateral while she went to the ATM?

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chassepatate via reddit Source: chassepatate via reddit

34. I want a good grade

This student is missing the point of group work so hard that we can’t even figure out why he’s mad at anyone but himself.

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peiattention via reddit Source: peiattention via reddit

35. I’m not paying for a website that’s going to be free to visit

Actually, it does make sense to pay someone for their labor. What doesn’t make sense is why this person thinks they’re entitled to a website for free.

We’re guessing that million dollar idea hasn’t exactly hit the mark yet.

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via reddit Source: via reddit

36. It’s up to you to meet my needs

You can’t always get what you want. But sometimes people can convince you to stand in the rain for an hour as retribution for bad behavior.

This is a long thread, but if you get to the end, you’re rewarded with a hilarious story.

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GreyStagg via reddit Source: GreyStagg via reddit

37. Needs a miracle, but not that one

I guess this was not the miracle he was looking for. But at least he has a good friend who will offer him a job – eventually, he might appreciate that, right?

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via Imgur Source: via Imgur

38. Please bring this 120lb item to my house

This person giving away an air conditioner manages to maintain a friendly demeanor despite some amazingly clueless behavior.

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