Bride tells guests to dress “according to their weight,” goes on rant when she gets exposed

March 6th, 2019

We have all heard the story of a bridezilla: someone who wants her wedding to be perfect so badly that she ends up ruining the entire day with her bad attitude. Sure, this can be a stressful occasion, but it is also supposed to be one of the happiest days of a couple’s life – and some brides just can’t keep their cool.

Most bridezillas wait until their actual wedding date to turn into terrible people, but this one started her transformation long before the bouquets were on the tables. In fact, she pretty much started right away.

This bride, who shall remain nameless, was planning for her destination wedding in Hawaii. It was going to be a dream wedding on the sandy beach, and this bride knew exactly what she wanted.

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She was overwhelmed with excitement as she sent out her wedding invitations. Her guests likely would have shared her feelings, except for one little snag. The bride put something else in the wedding invitations, and it was… less than pleasant.

This bridezilla was already showing her true colors as she announced that she would be requiring that her guests wear ridiculous outfits to her wedding. The guests were grouped into five categories, and the way this woman classified her guests was even more horrendous than the idea itself!

According to this bridezilla, each guest fit into one of these groups: Women 100-160 lbs, Men 100-200 lbs, Women 160+ lbs, Men 200+ lbs, and children. That’s right, she was grouping these guests BY THEIR WEIGHT!

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If that wasn’t enough, the bridezilla asked her guests to wear the worst outfits possible. The women 100-160 lbs were subjected to wearing a green velvet sweater, orange suede pants, Loubotin heels, and a Burberry scarf. Did I mention this was in the warm weather of Hawaii?!

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Why Loubotin heels, you may ask? Guests were required to get “the famous RED heeled shoes,” of course. “When we spin and lift our feet, the effect will amaze you,” the bridezilla informed her guests.

The men 100-200 lbs were stuck wearing a purple fuzzy jacket, a soda hat, all white trainers, and plain glow sticks – whatever that means.

The women 160+ lbs were to wear an all black sweater and pants, along with black heels. The men 200+ lbs were supposed to wear all camouflage with black sneakers.

Next on the list were the children, who needed to wear “RED from head to toe. Remember the kids will form the shape of a heart, it needs to be true red not blood orange or some b*ll****.”

Yes, you read that correctly. That is how serious this bridezilla was about children being dressed in the appropriate colors to stand in the shape of a heart. You can only imagine that this wedding was not going to be a fun one.

Needless to say, the bride’s guests were not pleased. But wait – there’s more. The bride demanded that each guest bring a change of clothes. No, not an ordinary dress that a guest wore to a previous event. That would be far too reasonable.

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“Remember, the venue is extremely upscale, and we want to be looking our absolute BEST ladies and gents,” the bridezilla reminded her not-so-enthusiastic guests. “Please, if you look like trash, so will we. All jokes aside, we want you to invest in an outfit valued at at least $1,000. This includes jewelry, accessories, makeup, and hair. Remember ladies and gents, this wedding is 24k themed for a reason.”

At some point the bridezilla’s ridiculous demands reached the internet, where they instantly went viral. Of course, this got back to the bride herself, who acted just in the way you would expect. She updated her invitees with a warning.

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“It has come to my attention that someone went all the way down in this groups creation to screenshot the dress code requirements. The screenshot was taken wildly out of context and has gone semi viral on Facebook and Reddit. I have seen MY POST twice on my regular Facebook account. I could not be more crushed, betrayed, or saddened.”

“I trust each and every one of you so intimately. Knowing someone went behind my back and made fun of me is one of the worst feelings everywhere. And boy, will you be paying.”

Yes, the bridezilla was already planning her revenge – and she didn’t even know which guest she was taking it on! She purchased a $99 polygraph machine on Amazon. Next, she invited her guests to a “Polygraph Party” to catch the betrayer.

It’s hard to imagine what the worst part of this wedding-planning tale was. The grouping of the guests, the heinous outfits, the way the bride acted after finding out her “dress code” was viral – they were all horrible.

We can only be thankful that there are plenty of people out there who are not like her. Weddings certainly can be one of the best days in a person’s life, but it’s because of the people who are there.

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