Construction Worker's Epic Dance Performance At Break Time

February 12th, 2019

Sometimes we discover people with amazing talents in the places where we least expect it, as is the case with one construction worker who put on an awesome dance performance for his unsuspecting construction crew one day while they were all on break. The whole performance was captured on video and posted on the Civil Engineering Discoveries Instagram where it has since gone viral.

With thousands of fans across the Internet now chiming in to praise him for his smooth moves and telling him to quit his job to pursue dance, it likely this guy won’t be working in construction for much longer.

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As the man first gets up and starts to dance, his coworkers all immediately start to applaud.

It instantly becomes apparent that this performance is going to be something special.

The song “Friendships (Original Mix)” by Pascal Letoublon can be heard playing in the background and it turns out to be the perfect soundtrack to complement the worker’s smooth moves.

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The man basically starts effortlessly sliding around the dusty and debris-laden construction site like something straight out of a Michael Jackson music video.

At one point, he even does a perfect moonwalk and all his fellow workers can’t help but smile. When working long and hard days doing construction, it’s getting to enjoy little breaks like these that makes all the difference. Also, it definitely helps when you have a coworker as talented as this one.

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The whole dance continues for a few minutes, and by the end, it’s likely you too will find yourself applauding just like all the other workers in the background. Honestly, after watching his spectacular performance, it’s hard not to be impressed.

The most amazing part is that he does the whole dance in steel-toed construction boots, which we’re sure makes being smooth and nimble significantly more difficult.

Most of can’t even dance well in normal shoes, let alone full on construction gear.

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At one point he drops to the ground and does a complete backbend.

Then he mimes his way back up into the air as if he were climbing an invisible wall, instantly putting all those cringe-worthy mime performances we’ve seen in the past to shame. Essentially, this guy is singlehandedly making dancing and miming cool again. It’s hard to find fault in a construction worker with as much style as he has got.

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Really, the most disappointing thing about the performance is that the Instagram page that posted the video did not include the worker’s name.

If anyone deserves to get seen and picked up by a talent agency, it’s this hardworking and talented man. The Internet certainly agrees as well.

One Instagram user, mrmenes said, “He should be a dancer not a construction worker. He got moves.. 🔥🔥🔥”, and everyone else was basically in unanimous agreement.

On Facebook, where the video now has almost 3 million views, one user had this to say:

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It’s hard to argue with that advice.

We’re sure after seeing this video someone in the entertainment industry is bound to give this construction worker a chance.

However, without more information, it’s hard to really know the man’s background and story. It could just be his hobby and nothing more.

Whether he pursues dance professionally or not though, it’s amazing that his epic little performance captured on a single video has been able to bring so many smiles to so many millions of people’s faces across the world.

Watch the video of the construction worker’s incredible dance performance below.

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