Four Energetic German Pointers Flip Out In Car

March 8th, 2019

If there’s one thing that all dogs have in common, it’s that they love going for rides. They learn the phrase pretty quickly too. As soon as they hear the words, “let’s go for a ride”, their ears instantly perk up. For many dogs, that means they also start to bark incessantly. They just get so excited that it is basically impossible for them to control their emotions.

This is exactly what happened to one YouTuber who goes by the name of T3 when he decided to take his four German shorthaired pointers for a ride in the car.

He captured a video of part of the trip and it’s pretty hilarious to watch.

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“Took the dogs to their favourite spot for a walk and they do this every time,” the video description reads.

As soon as T3 mentions that they are going to the park, the dogs instantly know what’s up. They all start to go absolutely insane.

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When you have an energetic dog in the car, driving can often be kind of difficult.

The last thing you want is for them to start jumping on you while you are trying to drive. Now, imagine trying to drive with four gigantic and super pumped up German pointers in the vehicle. Wow! T3 is used to it though and he can’t help but smile about the pups’ enthusiasm.

“Alrighty, ya’ll. Where are we going? Where are we going?!” he says egging them on.

That causes them to start barking like crazy, but it’s not too unusual.

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As it says in the video description, the dogs start whimpering out of excitement every time they go!

At one point, T3 even has to put his arm across onto the other seat to keep the three in the back from springing forward over the armrest.

As soon as he pulls his arm away to place it back on the wheel though, the middle pup instantly pounces on the opportunity. She comes darting forward so she can get a better look out the front window. There is just no stopping these wild things!

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Even though the struggle is real trying to drive in a scenario like this, it’s still all very adorable.

It’s hard to get mad at an animal for being super happy, and we’ve all definitely been in this situation before.

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Finally, T3 and crew arrive at the park.

“Okay, is everyone good now?” he asks.

Surprisingly enough, this causes the dogs to stop their whimpering. You would think it would be the opposite, but anyway, we’re just glad they all made it there in one piece.

It’s not easy being a dog owner, especially when your dogs are four big giants like T3’s.

The next challenge will be trying to walk them all! If only he posted a video of that… but we’re sure it’s likely he has his hands full already. Carrying a camera as well is just asking for way too much.

Check out the hilarious video below of YouTuber T3 taking his four German pointers to the park.

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Source: T3