What's Hiding Inside Disney's Exclusive Club 33?

May 23rd, 2018

Not much is known about Disneyland’s mysterious Club 33 but with the help of the magic mirror of the Internet, here is what we found out.

Club 33 is an ultra-exclusive restaurant in Disneyland, California

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The illustrious, members-only Club 33 is located at 33 Royal Street in New Orleans Square at Disneyland California in 1967.

It was built so that Walt Disney himself could entertain guests within the park area

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Walt Disney wanted a place where he could entertain notable guests and VIPs within the park itself. The purpose was to wine and dine possible sponsors, investors, and supporters of the then newly-established park in an executive lounge setting.

It opened on June 15, 1967, several months after Walt Disney’s Death

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Unfortunately, Walt Disney would not be able to enjoy the Club himself as he sadly passed away only six months before the opening.

There is a secret entrance into the Club

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The only way into the club is by using this buzzer on a seemingly unassuming door in Disney’s New Orleans Square. Members used to actually press the button to alert the staff; now they merely have to press their pass against this to do so.

A membership to get in the club costs a LOT

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To be a member you have to pay the required $25K initiation fee with an additional $10K annual membership fee!

Not only that, but memberships are extremely limited

According to the staff, they try to keep the membership limited to just around 500 members to manage the crowd. As such, there is quite a long waiting list for would-be applicants. They could be waiting for over 14 years just to pay the initiation fee. Members are also subjected to comprehensive background checks before approval of membership, so no one can just knock on their door with a bunch of money and expect to get in.

You get a Disneyland Fast Pass when you visit

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To the uninitiated, A Fast Pass allows holders to avoid the long lines at the rides and attractions at Disneyland. For each visit to Club 33, a member is given 6 FastPasses.

There is another way to get in

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There are basically two ways to get to dine in Club 33: The first is to be a member of the Club; the second is to have an acquaintance who is willing to book you a table as one of their guests.

The dining room has a great view

The luxurious dining room looks over New Orleans Square and The Rivers of America areas in Disneyland.

The magnificent food will set you back quite a bit

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The club serves lunch and dinner at the price of approximately $100 per meal. This does not include entrance to the park which is another $100.

It is the only place in Disneyland where you can drink alcohol

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The fine bar offers you a wide variety of cocktails and liquor to choose from. They serve Vieux Carre, Mai Tais, Manhattans, and Moscow Mules, to name a few.

The outdoor balcony is a dream

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If you’re in the mood to dine in fresh air while having an even better view of New Orleans Square, the beautiful outdoor balcony is just the right place for you!

There are some exclusive souvenirs that you can only find inside Club 33

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There is rare merchandise such as Club 33 mickey ears, designer bags and enamel pins that are only available inside the club.

Alfred, the Animatronic Vulture, welcomes the guests!

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Of course, it wouldn’t be much of Disney experience if there weren’t any charming talking animals to interact with you. Alfred sits atop an old antique grandfather clock and welcomes newcomers into the club.

You can find an old harpsichord that belonged to Walt Disney’s wife, Lilian

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Somewhere inside you can find a treasured belonging to the late Lilian Disney, her old harpsichord which Elton John and Paul McCartney have famously played.

Celebrities from all over the World frequently visit

A few notable celebrities have been known to visit Club 33. If you’re lucky enough visit, you might find yourself sharing a room with Tom Hanks, Michael Jackson, Katy Perry and Disney-alum Vanessa Hudgens.

It was operating secretly until the advent of social media

Before the Twitter, Instagram and Facebook crowd, Club 33 existed in a relatively secret capacity for a very long time. Now sneaking a peek at what’s inside the illustrious club is easy.

The Paintings are alive!

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The various paintings that adorn the walls of Club 33 come alive when you least expect it! In one painting, a musician jumps onto the next painting. In another, an empty music hall is suddenly filled with people. Disney magic at its finest!

There is an exclusive jazz lounge for VIP members

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Le Salon Nouveau is a stunning looking jazz lounge exclusively for platinum and executive members only. The elite of the elite!

You can make your mark on the Club 33 guestbook and be part of an illustrious, longstanding history

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If you’re ever lucky enough to manage a visit to the legendary Club 33, you can immortalize your visit by putting your John Hancock on the club’s guestbook to say you were there.

Source: Michele Bird via Buzzfeed