Ed Sheeran Shares Childhood Secret That Will Bring Tears

June 13th, 2018

It’s pretty typical for the average person to think that with fame and fortune comes easy living. The whole world wants to be you, you have money and basically, the ability to do whatever you want, sounds great right? Sure that makes things easier but for a lot of celebrities, their good fortune came from overcoming great personal strife and challenges they faced.

We forget that they are still humans and still just people too. We like to think because they now have all these things in life it negates how they got there. For someone like Ed Sheeran who has all the girls in the world dreaming about him, his childhood was not easy. He was not the “cool” kid he is now and like many of us was bullied and picked on for things he had no control over.

In 2015 Ed Sheeran was invited by the American Institute for Stuttering to be a speaker at their benefit gala.

What many don’t know about him is that growing up he had a procedure on his face that resulted in him having a stutter. As this is an affliction that touched very close to home for the musician he was more than happy to contribute to this great cause.

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The Stuttering Foundation Source: The Stuttering Foundation

He spoke on a very personal level siting that because of his stutter he was barely able to speak which made it difficult to make friends and connect with his peers. He spoke to being true to yourself and embracing your quirks. And thankfully he listened to his own advice!

Because he was unable to express himself verbally, Sheeran picked up the guitar, began to play and the rest is history.

He is an amazing advocate for the underdog and his speech could quite possibly move anyone to tears. Celebrities like Ed Sheeran bring things back to a human level and show us that if you embrace and love yourself you are capable of anything. Just ask Ed the next time he plays a sold-out colosseum!!

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[Source: Captain Price]