10 Things Never To Do In A Changing Room

July 10th, 2020

In just about every social situation, there’s an accepted etiquette. A code of behaviours that are acceptable, and a long list of behaviours that are not forbidden, but certainly frowned upon. When clothes shopping, fitting room etiquette is no different. There are a few solid do’s, and a whole heap of do-nots. As you may expect, most of the do-nots boil down to common sense. Here’s a list of ten things NOT to do while in the fitting rooms.

1. Leave a big ol’ heap of clothes

Clothes have hangers for a reason. The reason: to make sure that clothes stay folded and uncreased. All of that goes to waste when a lazy shopper simply heaps all of there rejected selections on the bench when they decided they don’t want it. Don’t worry about folding it perfectly (I still have no idea how to put pants back on that weird clippy hanger), but at least get it so that the shopping assistant doesn’t have to unknot every item you brought in.

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2. Swoop in at the last minute

There’s nothing worse than being two minutes from closing when someone decided that now’s the time to try on twenty different versions of the same blouse. Suddenly, your clock-off time is now extended by an hour to accomodate for their indecision. Be a good customer, be aware of the opening hours and respect them. Remember, if you see that your favorite store closes soon, but you have just enough time to get there before they close, you’re already too late. The aim is to complete your shopping before the closing time, not begin it.

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3. Treat it like a selfie studio

It may be tempting to take the opportunity to snap that selfie while you’re wearing a dress that you look stunning in, but could never afford. Snapping a quick pic to remember a particular look is also reasonable. What isn’t reasonable is blocking up a fitting room for hours taking selfie after selfie, while others wait to try on their clothes.

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4. Leave the fitting room in disarray

As with not leaving your clothes all bundled in a heap in the fitting room, be sure not to leave it a mess in any other way. Don’t leave your trash in there, or leave any seats or benches out of place. The aim is to leave the fitting room the same as you found it. Unless it’s mess, then leave it better than you found it.

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5. Host a fitting room party

You may want your partner’s opinion of what your’e wearing, but that’s what the couch is for. Bringing your partner into the fitting room will not only raise a few eyebrows, but probably furrow them too. The fitting rooms are for changing into clothes, not for a private room for you and you S.O.

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6. Leave your face on the clothes

If you’re wearing makeup while trying clothes on in a fitting room, be sure to take extra care not to get it on any of the clothes you’re trying on. This might mean taking your time to make sure it doesn’t get wiped off, but it’s worth it to ensure none of the clothes are getting ruined.

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7. Leave the fitting room before you’re dressed again

It may sound bizarre, but this does actually happen, as many traumatized retail assistants can attest to. In an attempt to reserve the fitting room while they rush out and fetch a different size, some shoppers stroll back out in naught but their undergarments. You may wander around at home in your delicates, but a store is still public. Think of the kids!

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8. Treat it like a private vanity

As with clogging up a fitting room by treating it as a private photography studio is a no-no, so is treating it like a private vanity. A fitting room is not the place to stop and fix your hair, and do your whole face. Remember, there may be people outside with armfuls of clothing who are trying to use the room for its intended purpose.

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9. Try on bathing suits while in your birthday suit

It goes without saying (but…apparently people still do it), that when trying on swimwear and underwear, you don’t need the full experience. That’s to say, don’t wear your prospective undies with nothing else on. Just imagine going to purchase a new bikini bottom which has been worn by several people who wore nothing else. For the sake of hygiene, put a layer between you and the clothes you’re about to buy.

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10. Don’t you stink up those clothes

You may have a busy schedule and lead a hectic life, but please, if you’ve just come from the gym don’t try on that tight, form fitting long sleeve top after working up a good sweat at the gym. Again, if you don’t purchase that garments, someone else will, so it’s not fair to leave your B.O. on any clothes your trying on.

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What do-nots do you hate seeing in fitting rooms?

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