The funniest first meet between daughter’s date and dad
The date reacted greatly well.
Kenny Fernandez

The invention of Ring doorbells has given homeowners a satisfying peace of mind. They allow people inside the comfort and privacy of their homes to see who is at the front door before ever needing to open it. Homeowners can capture package thieves in action, too, instead of wondering what happened to that Christmas gift they’d been waiting for.

Ring doorbells also helped one particular dad who wasn’t home to meet the boy who was picking up his precious oldest daughter to take her out on a date. Dads can be protective, so when Jared the boyfriend stopped by the house to pick up Grace, dad Pedro took advantage of the available technology to have a friendly little chat with the young man leaving with his daughter.

Facebook/Fox 5 Atlanta
Facebook/Fox 5 Atlanta

In a video posted by his son, who is also named Pedro, security footage snatched images of their first time meeting and it was quite comical. Using his manners, Jared walked up and rang the doorbell.

Just like the man behind the curtain in The Wizard of Oz, Pedro’s voice broadcast out from the Ring device.

Always the gentleman, Pedro apologized for not being present to meet Jared in person.

“At least I get to see your face but you don’t get to see mine.”

Pedro grilled Jared about their plans for the evening.

“I think we’re going to Roadhouse and maybe a movie.”

Facebook/Fox 5 Atlanta
Facebook/Fox 5 Atlanta

Grace suddenly popped her head outside the front door and swung around to stare intently at the Ring doorbell video, knowing just what her dad was up to. But Pedro didn’t let up on the inquisition of their evening’s plans.

“What movie are you going to see?”

“Toy Story.”

Pedro asked Jared when he would have Grace back home. Jared said he would deliver her safely home “probably before 11.” Dad had a different idea.

“Oh, I heard 10:30. OK that’s good.”

Facebook/Fox 5 Atlanta
Facebook/Fox 5 Atlanta

Grace popped back into the conversational video interrogation of her boyfriend by her dad and confirmed their plans for the night. Then Pedro gave a gentle but clear warning to Jared.

“Make sure you treat her nicely. That’s my first daughter. I’ve got a good picture of you.”

Pedro’s parting words shortly before hopping off the Ring video doorbell likely had Grace and Jared walking the straight and narrow that night.

“Remember, I know people everywhere and they’re looking at what you guys are doing.”

Facebook/Fox 5 Atlanta
Facebook/Fox 5 Atlanta

You can tell that Grace was growing exasperated with her father by the head tossing, staring at the round then upwards, chomping on her gum and the short, impatient answers she gave. Then, Pedro cracked everyone up with one last request of Grace.

“Go take a picture of his license plate.”

At this point, Grace was desperate to disconnect the video call between her dad and her boyfriend. What a comically clever way for a dad to keep tabs on his daughter’s new beau and make sure the boyfriend knew to be careful with his little princess.

Watch the funny video below and you just might feel a teeny bit sorry for poor Jared!

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Dad 'meets' daughter's date in hilarious intercom exchange

'I GOT A GOOD PICTURE OF YOU' Mr. Pedro wasn't home to meet his daughter's date but that didn't stop him from interrogating Jared in this viral video exchange. 😂😂😂 STORY:📸: iam_droiii – Instagram

Posted by FOX 5 Atlanta on Tuesday, August 13, 2019

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By Kenny Fernandez
Kenny Fernandez is a contributor at SBLY Media.