Kid steals spotlight at duet piano crossover in a station
The kid is so talented, he can play with orchestra level pianist along.
Kenny Fernandez

Dr K persuaded the child prodigy Cole Lam to perform a Boogie Woogie and Mary Poppins crossover. An epic street piano duet was a result.

In a video that already has more than 4,500 likes and 163,000 views, they both show off some amazing talent.

Brendan Kavanagh via YouTube
Brendan Kavanagh via YouTube

Meet Dr K Boogie Woogie

Dr K, also known as Brendan Kavanagh, is a pianist, performer, and more. He’s also currently a complete YouTube sensation. He’s had millions of views thanks to his Boogie Woogie style of piano playing. People adore it.

He regularly gives impromptu live performances on public pianos around London.

And he’s not a one-hit wonder. His talents expand beyond Boogie Woogie. He’s even a composer of original music. In his former life, he was also a teacher.

Brendan Kavanagh via YouTube
Brendan Kavanagh via YouTube

Cole Lam

Cole is a 12-year-old child prodigy who plays more than just the piano. He’s actually well-versed when it comes to a variety of instruments including the guitar.

He also has quite the YouTube following of his own. He already has 148,000 subscribers on his channel. That’s pretty impressive for a kid.

A collaboration that just had to happen

The two of them had both been spotted using the piano in the Kings Cross Station in London on different days. It was only a matter of time until they sat down to play together.

Although it wasn’t entirely by chance.

They actually planned to meet up that day. The two had really wanted the opportunity to see what kind of music they could create together. The only thing in their way was a train delay that nearly made Cole too late to get to there on time.

But, it’s a train station, delays are a part of life there. So is good music.

Brendan Kavanagh via YouTube
Brendan Kavanagh via YouTube

And it happened

Dr K said,

“Just try a bit of Boogie Woogie, don’t go too fast.”

That was a hard request for Cole who dove right in. He just had to improvise.

What happened next was magic.

Everyone loved it. the comments were all positive:

“Well dr k it’s finally happened you and col together I love this kid his piano skills are awesome I wondered how long it was going to be before you two were going to meet.”

– Eric Haddow

“I was waiting for this collab! I knew that both of you played on the same pianos, but hadn’t met yet… but it looks like the two of you finally did! And the result is amazing.”

– Egon Pax

Brendan Kavanagh via YouTube
Brendan Kavanagh via YouTube

The choice in songs

Their song choices were also met with approval, both by people in the station that day as well as by the many people who stopped by YouTube to comment and leave a few positive words.

“Boogie train roaring down the track and around the bend turns chimchiminee never stopping til it reaches the station. This kid is improvizationally amazing.”

– Catherine Hazur

“Today I went around my music department at school and asked everybody if they knew the boogie woogie and they looked at me like an idiot. No one at my school knows boogie woogie.”

– Pevonis

Brendan Kavanagh via YouTube
Brendan Kavanagh via YouTube

As for the future, we only see good things happening for Cole.

Phill wrote it best in this comment:

“If someone aged 12 can play as good as that now, imagine how good he will be in 10 years time? Incredible talent. His Musical timing and harmony was great. 😎“

– Phill Wildman

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By Kenny Fernandez
Kenny Fernandez is a contributor at SBLY Media.