Man Pulled Over For Speeding, Unusual Response Forces Officer To Rip Ticket Up

January 18th, 2018

Speeding tickets are just the worst. No one wants to be pulled over by the police and handed an expensive fine, especially if we are already in a rush. When this man got a speeding ticket, he thought it was the beginning of a bad day. But what he did next changed everything.

Mike Powers was on his way from Nashville to Mississippi. He was dreading the drive, but his boss had informed him that he would be commuting to work that day. To make matters worse, part of the way through his journey Mike was pulled over.

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Mike Powers Source: Mike Powers

The man was already going to be late, which was why he was driving 80 mph in a 60 mph zone. He was not happy about getting a ticket, but he made sure not to let his emotions get the best of him. Instead, Mike did something incredible.

He asked the officer, Trooper Jason Ales, about his own well being. At this time, police officers were being fatally wounded left and right. The job had become even more dangerous than usual, and this circumstance would certainly be discomforting to troopers all across the country.

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Officer Ales was startled that this driver would show such sympathy while he was receiving a ticket. It wasn’t a cheap one, either – the cost of the offense was $200. “He said he was doing good,” Mike shared with CBS6 Albany. “He said it was tough, but he was going to keep doing what he needed to do to help people.”

Mike was inspired by this man’s dedication to protecting the people around him. As Ales handed him the ticket, this driver handed the trooper something in return: a wooden bracelet adorned with images of Jesus and several angels. He hoped this would keep the police officer safe as he completed his work.

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Mike Powers Source: Mike Powers

This was an action Trooper Ales never saw coming. “I was so touched . . . I almost teared up right there,” Ales recalled. He hung the bracelet from the camera in his car. This was one moment he would never forget.

The officer was so moved he tore up the ticket right on the spot. What’s more, he and Mike exchanged contact information and dove into what would become a powerful friendship.

“My day was stressful because I was trying to get somewhere that I didn’t think I could make it to,” Mike revealed. “That was nothing compared with what he deals with on a daily basis, the stress of probably not knowing if he’s going to make it back home.”

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Jason Ales Source: Jason Ales

He had turned this police officer’s day around, but he didn’t stop there. Mike donated the $200 he would have had to spend on the ticket to a children’s charity in Mississippi. Next, he and Trooper Ales founded their own charity: WeDo.Life. This organization circulates their donations to the families of fallen officers, orphanages, and others in need of help.

When Mike decided to approach the situation with compassion instead of anger, he did a lot more than keep a good mindset. He transformed the lives of dozens of people around him. This story shows how powerful kindness can be.

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