Meet the Newest Canine Royal Family Member

May 25th, 2018

This adorable little beagle named Guy might be the most famous dog at the moment, having been recently spotted with the queen (almost exclusively seen with corgis). That’s because Guy just made his way into the royal family!

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Guy the beagle’s long and winding royal journey began in 2015 way out in Mount Sterling, Kentucky. Our plucky, beagle hero had been found in the woods and was being kept in Montgomery County Animal Shelter.

A humble start

Elsewhere, Meghan Markle had been looking to adopt another dog to keep her lab/shepherd mix, Bogart company. By then Bogart was already three years old and Markle thought that Bogart would like to have another dog to play with around the house. So, she began her search.

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A new life

It was A Dog’s Dream Rescue, a non-profit organization that worked with animal shelters in Kentucky, that would bridge the gap between the two worlds. The rescue brought Guy to Markle, and seeing how Bogart and Guy became fast friends, Markle immediately pushed through with the adoption.

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In an interview with Reader’s Digest Best Health, Markle had this to say about how the young pup got his name:

“I was waiting in Milton [Ontario] for him to be driven up and his paperwork from the pound just said ‘The little guy,’ and I tried [some names] but he wasn’t responding to anything so I said ‘ “Little guy’ and I think he was so used to people calling him it that he responded, so I said ‘You’re name will now be Guy.’”


Now, little Guy enjoys a new level of fame with his dog mom Meghan, now the newly anointed Duchess of Sussex having just married Prince Harry. This beagle has come a long way from the woods in Kentucky to the Windsor Castle in England!

In fact, Guy the beagle has already gotten his paparazzi moment when he was photographed this Thursday sharing a limousine with the queen herself! The two were sighted as they were on their way to Windsor Castle for afternoon tea with the newlyweds Meghan and Harry.

While the Queen has been known to be a dog lover herself, she has famously only had a history of having corgis and Cocker Spaniels. It would seem like our Guy has earned the royal seal of approval from her Majesty. The queen doesn’t simply just offer to dog-sit any dog after all.

A Dog’s Dream Rescue has since heard of the wonderful news and is currently brimming with pride and joy at this true to life, rags to riches tale they helped come true. They wrote the following on their Facebook Page.

Well it's official!!! Spring of 2018 will mark the date that one of our rescued Beagles will become part of the ROYAL…

Posted by A Dog's Dream Rescue onTuesday, November 28, 2017

“Most do end up in really good homes, with nice stories and lots of feedback from owners on how the dog has changed their lives,” A Dog’s Dream Rescue Owner, Dolores Doherty said to KHOU11.

“[But] such a thought never entered my mind,” Doherty continued. “I saw him in a limousine with the queen! That was too much!”

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Guy is one of 1,600 beagles that Doherty has connected with new owners. You can see their adoptable dogs at A Dog’s Dream Rescue. Maybe there is another undiscovered wonder like Guy in the bunch!

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