Cher celebrates the release of Pakistan’s ‘loneliest elephant’
With a lot of help from animal rights groups and the pop icon Cher, one 33-year-old elephant named Kaavan finds himself finally being freed to a sanctuary.
Dani Halteman

All around the world, we have an extensive list of animals of various sizes, shapes, and species. Each with their own characteristics and appearances unique to them. However, as time has gone on our relationship and impact with these various animals has become a tricky balancing act. Many animals have found themselves on the endangered species list or even alone at a zoo. Although, the scale is trying to be overweighed with good as animal rights groups, as well as, even celebrities are working tirelessly to advocate, protect, or even freeing those animals in need.

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The day of freedom has finally come for one elephant at the Murghazar Zoo in Islamabad. On May 21st with a ruling by the Pakistan High Court Kaavan, the elephant will be finally freed!

Source: Friends of Islamabad Zoo Facebook Page

For this lucky elephant, Kaavan had some help from a huge fan of his who had been advocating on his behalf for years describing him at times as,

“The world’s loneliest elephant.”

That huge fan of his just so happens to be the pop icon, Cher. Since around 2016, Cher and animal rights groups have worked day and night in order to have Kaavan freed. Kaavan is a 33-year-old Asian Elephant who resided in Sri Lanka. Kaavan was actually given as a gift to Pakistans leader and the very young age of 1. At the zoo, the only playmate and friend he had sadly died eight years ago and now we understand what exactly Cher was referring to.

Source: @cher on Twitter

When Cher received the news she immediately took to Twitter to let the world know just how excited she was about this wonderful news calling it,

“This is one of the greatest moments of my life.”

In the ruling written by the court, they addressed just how painful for the animal this situation has been stating,

“The pain and suffering of Kaavan must come to an end by relocating him to an appropriate elephant sanctuary.”

Source: @fcking_cher on Twitter

As Cher shared this joyous news the world responded immediately with their thoughts, questions, and kind words to share the excitement. The user above sharing the picture of Kaavan seemingly beaming at the news that he will be going to a sanctuary. This user inquired to Cher if she would go to visit him when he gets to a sanctuary. However, the specifics of the actual sanctuary he would be going to had not been released since a committee had to be formed in order to decide.

In a report written by Gulf News, they wrote that the IWMB had gathered an eight-member committee in order to relocate Kaavan to his new home. WWF senior director Rab Nawaz is apart of the committee, as well as, biodiversity specialist Z.B. Mirza, an Islamabad Zoo veterinary officer, IUCN’s Nilanga Jaysinghe, and even the co-founder of Save the Elephant Foundation Derek Thompsan.

Source: @BetsyNevil3 on Twitter

Another user shared in the joy writing that her heart was exploding with happiness! As well as, also requesting Cher to share any and all details about where exactly Kaavan will end up and hopefully this time with friends.

Source: @cher on Twitter

The same user who shared the cute picture of Kaavan seemingly grinning about the news of his freedom actually got a response from Cher when she asked about how long have they been trying to set him free. To which Cher responds,

“Half of our adult lives.”

Source: @SamanthaEgan18 on Twitter

Another user sharing in the happiness and writing what we are all feeling after reading this story. Happy that Kaavan is finally free and that not only should Cher feel proud of herself but that we are proud of the amazing thing that has just been accomplished.

But the good news doesn’t just end with Kaavan, on the original Facebook post they share that the court also ordered to relocate ALL remaining animals to sanctuaries within 60 days. A truly happy ending for all.

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By Dani Halteman
Dani Halteman is a contributor at SBLY Media.