Teacher Dies In Santa Fe Tragedy But She Manages To Save Her Husband’s Life

May 25th, 2018

The school shooting in Santa Fe was a tragedy that took 10 lives.

One of those lives belonged to a substitute teacher named Cynthia Tisdale. Cynthia had got called in to teach at the school the day of the shooting. Before leaving she left a note for her family. It said:

“I had to go meet the teacher. I love you. I hope you feel better today. Love Mom. Left your breakfast.”

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Leia Olinde Source: Leia Olinde

Just a few hours later, she was one of the 10 victims of the shooting.

Her family was devastated. They all remembered her fondly. Her niece Leia Olinde posted on Facebook about her aunt, saying:

“I have no words to describe the way I’m feeling now. She was another mother to me. She taught me how to cook and introduced me to family I otherwise would have never met. She went wedding dress shopping with me and that I will cherish forever.”

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Cynthia Tisdale Source: Cynthia Tisdale

Her son talked about her love for teaching and how it was her true passion.

He posted:

“She started substitute teaching because she loved to help children. She didn’t have to do it. She did it because she loved it.”

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Cynthia Tisdale Source: Cynthia Tisdale

Cynthia was a hard worker.

She had taken on a second job to help support the family when her husband became ill. He was diagnosed with an incurable lung disease and was unable to work. The medical bills were coming in, and Cynthia didn’t hesitate to take another job.

According to a GoFundMe account set up for Cynthia’s husband, he was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. He needed an expensive stem cell transplant if he was going to live beyond 12–18 months. He had been denied a lung transplant.

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Cynthia Tisdale Source: Cynthia Tisdale

William had given up when he didn’t have the money for a stem cell transplant.

He wrote a comment to his family on the page, saying:

“My life right now is nothing more than being connected and dependent on a 50 ft hose for oxygen. With the procedure, I have a chance for more time with your momma (my wife of 47 years), my children, and my wonderful grandchildren who I so much want to see grow up as much as possible. I fear without this I won’t make it to see 2019.”

Her son released a statement after the shooting, saying:

“We have had such a rough year with my dad getting this disease, the flood ruining our homes, and my mom being wrongfully and unfairly murdered…but I want you all to know we are so shocked and blessed you all have reached out and tried to keep giving my dad something to live for. It was hard for him to fight before and now losing my mom has made it unbearable but every little notification on his phone gives him a chance at something.”

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Cynthia Tisdale Source: Cynthia Tisdale

After the news of Cynthia’s tragic death, the GoFundMe account that the family created for her husband got numerous donations.

In a short time, they raised more than the $30,000 they needed for the stem cell transplant. The family couldn’t believe it.

Cynthia’s son knew his mother would find a way to come through for the family. He said:

“We are in such disbelief that anything good can come out of such a horrific event. My mom always made good come out of bad situations though and this is no different for her.”

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Cynthia Tisdale Source: Cynthia Tisdale

The family is using the money to pay for the stem cell treatment and funeral costs.

The family is also currently working with a different doctor to see if William may be able to get a lung transplant after all.

William’s brother John said:

“I am sure Cynthia is rejoicing in heaven knowing her death may save her husband of 47 years is very close to getting the lung stem cell treatment he needs to live! God is using the death of Cynthia to touch hearts to help him on the GoFundMe account.”

While nothing will help the family get over the death of Cynthia, knowing that William will be around for a little while longer is bringing them some happiness. Cynthia was able to save her husband after all.

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Source: Buzzfeed