Cop pulls over a man who looks like his late son then notices his dash
What started as a regular traffic stop turned into a truly touching moment.
D.G. Sciortino

What would you do if you got pulled over and the officer that pulled you over asked you to get out of the car so that they could give you a hug?

You’d probably be super weirded out. But William Jazwinski wasn’t after he found out why the officer that pulled him over made such a request.


Jazwinski’s wrote about his interaction with the officer in a Facebook post that is no longer available.

However, the account of his interaction with the officer was also shared on Love What Matters.

There’s no way to verify the story, but it’s still a touching story.

Love What Matters - Facebook
Love What Matters - Facebook

According to the post, Jazwinski thought he was being stopped for speeding.

The officer, however, just stopped him to thank him for his service.

Apparently, his bumper sticker gave him away.

Here’s how the conversation went:

“Me: ‘Good morning officer. Was I speeding?'”

“Officer: ‘Good morning, no not speeding. Just wanted to stop ya and say thank you for your service.'”

“Me: ‘Oooh the bumper sticker, nice. You’re welcome, sir. My pleasure.'”


The officer then asked Jazwinski where he served. Jazwinski explained that he served a 15-month tour in Iraq.

Coincidentally, the officer’s son did too. Except he didn’t come home.

“Me: ‘I went to Iraq. Did a 15 monther. Out of Ft Benning.'”

“Officer: ‘Well alright. My son went to Iraq. He didn’t make it home.'”


“Me: ‘Man, I’m so sorry to hear that. I just finished a PTSD program.'”

According to the National Center for PTSD, about 11 to 20 out of every 100 veterans who served in either Operation Iraqi Freedom or Operation Enduring Freedom have PTSD in a given year.

Jazwinski then learned that he and the officer’s son had a lot more in common.

“Officer: ‘I see you have a flag in the truck. The one we got for him! Well, it’s at the house. Can I ask a question?'”

That’s when the officer made a very unusual, very brave request.

He asked for a hug.

“Officer: ‘Do you mind stepping out and receiving a hug. You remind me of my son. I pulled you over. I thought you were him. I still don’t believe it most days he’s gone.'”

Jazwinski didn’t hesitate to accommodate the officer’s request and it ended up being an emotional moment for the both of them.

“With tears in both our eyes I got out and hugged that man. I’m talking about for a minute or two crying. Down to our knees crying,” Jazwinski said.

Apparently, that moment did just as much for Jazwinski as it did for the officer.

“I needed that,” he wrote.

Jazwinski also shared a message to those missing their veterans.

“To all the family and friends of soldiers, fighting or done fighting, God bless you. Your peace and your hearts. It’s so hard without them, I know. This road is a tremendous one. Love to all.”

You can read the full post below.

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