delivery driver has heartwarming experience

Delivery woman heads back to woman’s house after she utters devastating words, starts praying

September 29th, 2020

For many people, their days at work are pretty much the same. They do their jobs, finish their shifts, and come home. Once and a while they may have something out of the ordinary happen that makes them say wow or just stand back and think.

You can say that’s just what happened for one FedEx delivery woman.

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When you work for FedEx you know that your job is to deliver packages. It’s pretty cut and dry. There are multiple deliveries in all locations, so it’s best to move as fast as possible to get all of the deliveries done on time.

One FedEx delivery woman named Amanda had planned to do that, just like every other day. But, then something happened.

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She went to deliver a package when she came across a woman who was going to the mailbox to check for her newspaper. She had two packages for the woman so she walked up the driveway with her to bring the packages.

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That’s when the woman asked if Amanda had a nice holiday season. She responded that she had and did what anyone else would do. She asked the woman how her holidays were.

She wasn’t ready for the response she received.

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The woman got teary-eyed and explained that her holidays were not good at all. Her husband had cancer and was sick. The driver didn’t really know what to say, so she tried to keep the conversation light and finish her delivery.

Amanda drove off, but something didn’t feel right.

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In her video of her experience that has gone viral, she explains how she felt compelled to go back to visit the woman despite the twenty or more stops that were still on her route. Although she’s supposed to try to finish as quickly as possible, there was just something pulling her to her last stop.

Amanda went back to the woman’s home and rang her doorbell. When the woman came to the door she had tears in her eyes.

What this driver did next may make you cry as well.

Amanda asked the woman if she could pray with her. She gave Amanda a tight hug and held her hand. Amanda and the woman prayed together for her family and her sick husband.

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Amanda wanted to share her experience and later made a video while still in her delivery truck, explaining what happened. She also went on to talk about the feeling she had from the Lord that she was being called to help this woman and pray with her. She could have very easily just went on her way, but she didn’t.

Amanda is very open about her religious feelings and encourages people to act when they feel like their heartstrings are being pulled to help someone.

She ends her video with advice to help when you feel you are being called to do so. Ignoring these feelings will only make you regret your decision. Her video is certainly a special delivery.

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