Man was searching for a wedding ring – then he found an actual pot of gold instead

November 15th, 2019

Imagine finding a pot of gold especially if you came across it by chance, and it wasn’t stolen!

The Beginning Of A Holiday That Paid Off Big Time

Two men set out on an adventure to go treasure hunting when it turned out a whole lot better than they thought.

One Good Turn Deserves Another

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Paul Raynard started out by trying to help his friend Michael Gwynne find a wedding ring belonging to a mate of his that had been lost in a farmers field in the Northern part of Ireland

Using A Metal Detector

Paul had just the right tool to go in search of the ring. Being as they were originally going on a hunt for some treasure they had access to a metal detector.

No Ring But A Whole Lot More

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Using the metal detector he discovered a few coins buried underground. This was after he had been looking for the ring for about one and a half hours.

Paul Knows He Is Onto Something Big

After discovering the few coins he went to find his friend Michael so they could film the find.

Digging Up The Find

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As they went about digging up the stash Paul was taped as he was saying it was the moment they had dreamed about.

A Life Long Quest

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Paul had always dreamed of a moment similar to this. He had been into metal detecting since he was seven years old. His parents had bought him a Treasure Island book and that was all it took to start a lifetime of dreams that finally became a reality. It was a passion that grew with him and became a serious venture to him by the time he reached thirty-five. This was when he bought his first metal detector that was capable of retrieving gold and silver up to four feet below the ground.

Study Maps

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Paul and his friend Michael study old maps in the hopes of finding locations where there may be hidden treasures. However, this find was not the result of any map. It was stumbled upon by mistake.

The Find

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The value of the coins has been estimated to be about $130,000 US and is currently being housed at the Ulster Museum. This is so they can be officially identified and valued. Among the stash were 84 coins that date all the way back to the 1500s. It also included a rare Henry VIII coin. Once everything has been authenticated it may be the biggest treasure discovery to be found in Ireland.

Sharing The Find

Paul will be sharing the profits of the find equally with the landowner if the coins are sold.

What About The Ring?

It seems like the ring was never found but it was soon forgotten about once this find was discovered.

A Similar Find

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In the early part of 2019, a similar treasure was found consisting of 550 rare coins in Buckinghamshire that consisted of 550 rare coins said to be worth about $195K.

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