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Tenor gives new twist to “Country Roads” bringing people to their feet

September 11th, 2020

When you get familiar with a song and like it, you may be skeptical when someone tries to put their own spin on it. It’s the “sequel is never as good as the original” mentality. But, sometimes (and they’re rare), the new spin gives an old song a fresh sound, one that you may have never heard coming, and one that is surprisingly amazing.

That’s the case with Jonathan Antoine’s version of “Country Roads” by John Denver.

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The song was originally released in 1971. Different artists have sung their versions, but this one from Antoine stands out.

Antoine is an English tenor whose claim to fame happened in 2012 when he appeared on “Britain’s Got Talent” as half the duo of Jonathan and Charlotte. Although they came in second place and have since parted as a duo, Antoine has continued his rise to the top as a solo artist.

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His version of “Country Roads”, which has a lot of emotion about missing your loved ones and wanting to get home to see them, is truly jaw-dropping. It strikes a special cord during these uncertain times.

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The song itself has seen a rebirth during the COVID-19 pandemic when neighborhoods in Italy would sing it outside their windows while quarantined. It’s something that John Denver could never predict when he wrote the song, but it’s bringing people together in a variety of ways.


On his Facebook page, Antoine talks about how the song means a lot to him, which is why he wanted to include it on his album.

The video for the song includes people from all walks of life and depicts many of the scenes that have become common during the pandemic.

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From a mom helping her child learn at home to a food delivery person wearing a mask and gloves, these are all things that people can relate to these days which may be another reason why Antoine’s version has become so popular.

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Another scene in the music video is Antoine simple performing in front of a crowd, which is something we haven’t seen in a while. This is also something that people can relate to as he sings about going home. This is also something that people want to return to once the pandemic is over. Seeing live music has a way of touching your soul.

Music has been a way for people to connect when they can’t physically.

It’s given people a way to share something when so many things are uncertain. For others, music has been one of the things that have helped to keep them going. Whatever the case, Antoine’s version has touched so many people more than 50 years after the song was originally released.

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When Antoine sings “Country Roads”, the power of his voice gives you a sense of hope. Today, that’s something we can all use.

Maybe this is another reason why it’s received so much attention. Since the video appeared on YouTube in April, more than one and a half million people have watched it.

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Source: YouTube/Jonathan Antoine